[LOOT] BHIM App Refer and Earn 10 Rs - How to Earn Money with BHIM APP

[LOOT] BHIM App Refer and Earn 10 Rs - How to Earn Money with BHIM APP, BHIM Aadhar scheme details

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has green signaled some new features related to BHIM Digital Payment Platform. This is an approach for making the e-commerce business more stronger so it could be implemented by laymen on a large scale. Anyone can earn a cashback In BHIM app using some simple guideline. BHIM App refer and earn  plan will be giving you a chance to get Rs 10/-

[LOOT] BHIM App Refer and Earn 10 Rs - How to Earn Money with BHIM APP

BHIM App CashBack Scheme:  BHIM App Refer plans, get a cash  back up to 10 to 300

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) app is a mobile based app which came into use from 30th of December 2016. On the occasion of Bhim Rao Ambedkar Jayanti, The Prime Minister has announced various new features related with it and also ways to how to earn money through BHIM app, as the app is dedicated to Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar, one of the Indian Pioneer in politics.
There are two new schemes launched by the PM which is named as  BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme and BHIM Merchant Cashback Scheme. Using these two schemes you can get a fixed cash back using BHIM Aadhar App.
Very simple note: If you ask someone to download the APP and he will do 3 transactions after downloading the APP, you will receive Rs 10 as a referral bonus. If you refer 20 people daily then simply you will receive Rs 200 in your account as stated by PM Modi while launching the BHIM Aadhar APP.

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Here are the ways to earn money from  BHIM App Refer and Earn

  1. How to earn money from BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme: under this plan, if existing BHIM app users refer the app to anyone, he/ she will be getting money of Rs 10. This is done in order to encourage new users to use BHIM app and earn more.
  2. How to earn Money referring BHIM Merchant Cashback Scheme: if a merchant is bringing up new users by refereeing BHIM app to the, he/she will get Rs 10 on every referral if he/she make 3 transactions.
Beside these BHIM App can be operated without the internet. Once you get Refer money of BHIM app in your wallet, you can withdraw the amount from BHIM app using your fingerprint. With this feature, BHIM app will be operated with a biometric system. Visit our page on regular basis to get updates on BHIM App Refer and Earn Scheme.

Bhim APP Refer and Earn Program: How to refer your friends and relatives

  • First, visit the official Bhim App and click on the Invite and Earn option available in the BHIM Mobile App.
  • Once Referral link appear, copy this referral Code
  • Referring a friend or relative the same code and ask them to download the Bhim App and start the transaction on it.
  • Share your BHIM App referral codes and after 3 valid transactions, you will receive money in your account.

How to get BHIM App refer and Earn Rs 10 in your account for every referral

  • It is a very simple method.
  • Download the Bhim Mobile App from Google Play Store. [ Click here ]

How to Pay money using the BHIM Aadhar Mobile App

  • For Merchant, Login with your Aadhaar Number and validate using your finger Print
  • Enter the Amount customer wish to pay.
  • Enter the Customer Aadhar Number in the App
  • Validate the payment using the finger.
  • Along with validation, enter the Bank name they wish to pay.
  • Submit payment detail with Bank Name.
  • Said amount will be transferred to the merchant account.

Important Merchant notes for using Bhim Aadhar APP

  • The merchant should connect the Mobile Phone with Biometric scanner or enable the function within a smartphone to accept payment through Bio-metric.
  • Link the own Aadhar number and input bank detail to receive Payment through App.

Bank accepted Payment using the BHIM Aadhar Mobile APP

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI or state bank of India, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Saraswat Bank, Bharat Bank, Federal Bank, Indian Bank, Union Bank, Bank of Baroda, Uco Bank, PNB etc

Please Note:
  1. In order to pay using aadhaar payment app, merchant needs a smartphone connected to a bio-metric scanner. If your phone has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor then you may not require an external fingerprint sensor.
  2. The bank accounts of both merchant and the customer need to be linked with aadhaar to make aadhaar enabled payments.
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