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How To Fix corrupted Pendrives or memory cards ( EASY GUIDE )

Hello readers you heard it right.You can Fix corrupted Pendrives or memory cards. Here is the Easy guide on How to Fix Corrupted Pendrives ,Usb Drives or Memory Cards.If your drive is visible in the list of drives and you are unable to open the drive and the drive contains important information which you don't want to delete.In this case follow the steps given below and fix your micro sd or pendrive.


How to Fix corrupted memory card or USB Drive :-

1)Connect your memory card to PC using card reader.
(Don't use phone for this purpose)
2)First of all open Cmd(command prompt) as administrator.
3)Now type "DISKPART" and hit enter.
4)It will open another window named diskpart or ask you for permissions,hit Yes if it asks for permission.
5)Now type "LIST DISK"
6)It will show the no. of disks available.
7)Now type 'SELECT DISK NUMBER',where NUMBER is the disk no. you want to format and hit enter.
(for eg.-In my case disk no. is 1,So i type SELECT DISK 1)
8)Now you can see DISK 1 is the selected device.
9)Now type "CLEAN" and hit enter.
10)Now type "CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY" and hit enter.
11)Now type "ACTIVE" and hit enter.
12)Type "SELECT PARTITION 1" and hit enter.
13)Type "FORMAT FS=FAT32" and hit enter.
14)Now wait for the formatting to complete and then type "EXIT" and hit enter.
Note:-This process works only on corrupted memory card and pendrive(Condition is that the drive is connected to the pc and is shown in the list of drives)

If you are having any queries comment below.

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How To Fix corrupted Pendrives or memory cards ( EASY GUIDE )
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