Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download ( Play with Invisible Avatar in Mini militia ) latest 2019

Hello reader Welcome, Mini Militia Invisible Mod Download apk for android is here mini militia mod apk, mini militia invisible mod version Android, militia mod apk and invisible mini militia mod .Getting invisible is one of the most interesting Mini Militia MOD after Mini Militia on PC and with this MOD, you will be unseeable except for your guns and grenades. Guns and grenades can also be disguised with this mini militia invisible MOD but that will take extra efforts still we will share it with you.
Things needed for creating your own mini militia invisible avatar apk.
  • Download APK editor pro from play store or from the link given below for accessing the Mini Militia avatar skins in the game. Download Here APK editor
  • Download Mini Militia game apk file in your external or internal memory. You can also MOD the currently installed game app.
  • Photoshop or any other Photo Editing tool. There is not much editing required, just a few avatar images to delete from an image containing them. Editing can be done online on this LINK.

Doodle Army 2 Mini militia invisible MOD avatar apk download- Are you shocked with this term. Yes it is possible to become invisible in this stunning game. And attack more to kill more and more doodles.
Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download

This is very easy trick, just follow this guide and get invisible in the game play.

Things needed for Mini Militia Invisible Mod Apk:

  • Just go to this page to download and install apk editor pro here.
  • Any Image Editor like Photoshop, pixlr etc.
  • Mini Militia Installed On your device.

Mini militia invisible MOD, mini militia invisible mod download, mini militia invisible avatar apk download

Steps for Mini Militia Invisible Mod Apk:

  • Open the Apk Editor pro app you downloaded earlier
  • Now click on Open APK File
  • You can also Click on Select apk from app
  • Just search for Mini Militia apk file in your Storage memory.
  • Select Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT):

Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download

  • Click on assets->hd, you can find all the images used in the game
  • Now search for menuTexture.png in this folder.
Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download
  • Tap on Save Option:
  • This Image is Stored in memory Like this:
Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download

  • Now erase avatars, hand, legs and even guns so that the are also invisible in the game play.
  • Save the image into internal or external memory of your phone.
  • Open Apk Editor pro and Replace the file there from where it is carried out.(assets->hd)
  • A new apk will be generated. Install new apk and you will observe now your Avatar in the game is invisible.
  • Enjoy the Game Now.
So, this is how you can follow this guide for Mini militia invisible MOD. You can also replace the Faces you want to see as your avatar. There are more modifications that can be done in the game to enjoy game play.

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Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download ( Play with Invisible Avatar in Mini militia ) latest 2019 Mini Militia invisible Mod apk Download ( Play with Invisible Avatar in Mini militia ) latest 2019 Reviewed by Siddhesh Lad on February 14, 2019 Rating: 5


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