Ygopro android download 2018

Hello guys here is ygopro android app for you all, ygopro is an android card games for android.

.Ygopro android download 2018

System requirements :-

Android 4.1 - 7.0
Internal storage at least 300MB free.
~30MB for the apk, ~300MB for card images and other assets
Display at least 480x320

Steps to download and install ygopro app:

Here are step by step guide to install ygopro apk for android and soon i will be for iphone too.Ygopro is a big app. The card images take about 400MB of storage space. To avoid having to download the images for every update they are not in the stored in the main APK file, but in separate OBB files.

Step1: Download apk app from below drive link 
Step2: Install the ygopro_anime.apk and open it ( as soon as it shows the main menu just close the app)
Step3: Open your file manager. You will need to move (main.4.co.ygopro.ygoproandroid.obb) to Android/obb/co.ygopro.ygoproandroid ( if there is a a file with the same name replace it with this one)
Step4: Enjoy playing ygopro !

You only need to copy the main OBB file once! Only the APK and patch obb files are needed for installing updates.

Ygopro_anime.apk Download link: https://drive.google.com...HZoKNXL/view?usp=sharing  
Ygopro main.4.co.ygopro.ygoproandroid.obbhttps://drive.google.com...0ree0mfWewtO6-zhqZW/view

Source :- Ygopro 
Forum link:- Ygopro

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