Write Today and Monetize Tomorrow - First 100 Worst Post Blogging (Blogger/ Blogspot)

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I’ve noticed a gazillion “How To Start A Blog In 5 Minutes” videos and tutorials. But the reality is that it doesn’t work that way. You know Why? They’re all basically about how to buy a domain name (i.e, your own .com address like minterest.com), web hosting plan (i.e, your own web server space where you can upload files), and install blogging software (WordPress or similar software).

Yes, that’s all you can do in 5 minutes and it’s so far away from a perfect blog as there are a lot of other things that you must know and should do.
And if you read somewhere that blogging is easy then that’s not really true. Blogging is simple but not easy. It takes time, patience, some money, and a lot of effort and learning to get going. Yes, it’s possible to create a new WordPress blog and publish your first article in less than 10 minutes but it will probably look like this and not like this.

Your First 100 Posts Are The Worst Blog Posts Ever

Wondering about 100? Well, it’s just a number assuming that you published one blog post everyday in the first year. 
Everyone Start there Blog thinking that they will start Earning from it,but no one get the Success. Blogging is a good for those who are not blogging for earning.
Everyone starts blog but no one knows this Simple thing :-
1.How to write SEO Post.
2.How to Use a Keywords and what are Keywords.
3.Writing Readable and grammatically Good Post.
3.On page SEO and off Page SEO.
5.How to Drive Traffic to Blogger.

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Half Of us Think that starting a Blog is like part time job and we can earn Money From it but the Problem is that there is no profit until you Have a huge Traffic or your Blog is running from last 3-5 years!!
As Everyone Know adsense pay us for per ad Click and CPC is totally depend on Keywords and half of browser Such as Uc Browser and Opera Mini Used by Millions of people block Adsense Ads so earning from Blogging or Website Now a days have Become very Hard.
The Simple Trick Of Getting Traffic and How i Got 50 k Visitors on my Blog in 4 Months i will be Writing a article in next Post for you all !!
I will be Posting all Tricks,Tips and SEO tips for all Bloggers

Write Today and Monetize Tomorrow - First 100 Worst Post Blogging (Blogger/ Blogspot) Write Today and Monetize Tomorrow - First 100 Worst Post Blogging (Blogger/ Blogspot) Reviewed by Siddhesh Lad on February 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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