Mario kart 8 for android download {Exclusive deluxe apk}

Hello guys, download app mario kart 8 for android for free. Mario Kart 8 deluxe for Android is first racing kart game on Android devices. It has been very popular throughout the year on Wii U Nintendo. Also people are searching for "mario kart 8 for android"  "mario kart  for android" " mario kart 8 apk"  "mario kart 8 deluxe apk"  "download deluxe apk mario kart 8 "  "mario kart 8 deluxe download apk"  

 Mario kart 8 for android download {Exclusive deluxe apk}

Mario is best selling game on the WII U. This Mario only based on the racing which can be selected single player or multiplayer. In 2017 Mario released another new series of Kart named Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Now Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also on Android too. There is very racing track task is to block opponents and gain points. You can use the active online mod from the setting of the game with that mod you can play on antigravity race on the wall. The game based on the WII U Nintendo Mario Kart if we are talking about gameplay, Game should attempt to block opponents using various tools. If the opponent bumped into user Kart user, Kart would gain the point which helps to speed up and race over the ceiling.

New Features on Mario Kart 8 Android

1. Anti-gravity ride.
The user can race on Wall and Ceilings if the player has a gold point and they can customize their vehicle to Anti-gravity mod. This feature can upside down against the wall.
Boomerang Flower- It tool is used for hitting opponent and item will return to the same place.
Piranha Plant- It helps to boost speed
Super Horn-It helps to remove obstacles.
Crazy Eight- It contains extra 8 items players can select as their need.
3. New Vehicles
There are lots of New Vehicles like ATV and Jet Bike unlock winning race. The more you win more good Vehicle will unlock.
Unlike other Mario Kart Android series, this Mario Kart 8 has new race tracking. It contains various shortcut on a single race. Sunshine Airport and Toad Harbor are one of the most used racing track.
5.Mario Kart TV
6.Various additional character

How to download Mario Kart 8 for Android?

There is no Official Or any other link you will get on internet as internet is full of scams your search ends here because there is no apk of Mario kart 8 for android and you will get scammed by fake download links but you can try this link to download Mario Kart 8 for Android.

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Mario kart 8 for android download {Exclusive deluxe apk}
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