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Telegram X for android download

Download telegram X released for android . You will find the official telegram X for android. Telegram X is a fast alternative official Telegram client with experimental features.Interesting story that goes off there with the clients of Telegram. In principle, there are the official apps in the store. Windows, macOS, Android, iOSCan you install and good. Furthermore, there were and are always side-by-side clients that rely on the TDLib library to make sure that the encryption and everything worked as they did in the official client. Some time ago , Telegram X made the rounds .

Telegram X for android download

Telegram is an increasingly popular messaging app thanks to its focus on security and the free price tag. An alternative client called Challegram popped up a while back, and now the developers of Telegram have acquired it and changed the name to Telegram X. It includes all the basic messaging features from the regular Telegram app, but there are a few experimental features, too.

Telegram X is built to be noticeably faster and smoother than the main Telegram app—the animations are really impressive. You can also long-press on conversations to get a pop-up preview. Night mode? That's included in the app as well. The text size is also fully configurable. A client implemented in Swift for iOS, which did not sail under the official flag of Telegram, but only in the beta area indicated that there was something together with the official Telegram-makers. The same now under Android. There is now Telegram X, which is not yet marked as an official client for Telegram - except, one wants to acknowledge the support email address as official, which would be nonsense, because I can write in the description, what I want. Telegram X for Android is not a new app, but runs under the address of the popular alternative client Challegram.
A name swap of the developer to become better known? Unlikely, if you have the environment of Telegram in mind. Behind Challegram stands Vyacheslav Krylov. He won something as part of the telegram Android challenge called by Telegram founder Pavel Durov. Namely - due to this app - a whole sweep of dollars and a job offer.
Both Telegram X for iOS and Android do not have all the features completely under the hood, so it is rumored that - if they are really official - they are not yet officially advertised for this reason. At the moment it is also unclear whether the development of two apps will run parallel in the long term, which seems unlikely. I think that in the near future announcements from Telegram will be heard. But the fact is that as a less experimental user you can easily stay with the previously officially marked client.
Telegram X
Developer: Telegram LLC
Price: Free 
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  • Telegram X screenshot
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Telegram X for android download
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