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Unblock Torrents Websites in India and Download Anything From Banned Websites | Access to ISP |

Unblock Torrents Blocked By ISP in india and download from torrent

Steps to access Torrent in india 
First of all let me state that by means of this tutorial I am not encouraging Piracy or any other illegal acts which may cause loss to any corporation or company. ISPs need to understand the fact that Torrents are not illegal, Its just used for illegal purposes and that is what needs to be blocked instead of the whole Torrenting stream. Its the same as harmless Softwares can be used for spreading Malwares.. This doesn’t mean we will shut down manufacture of Softwares or Software companies.
You can use this tutorial to unblock or any other torrent sites that your ISP might be blocking. Torrents are the easiest and safest (safest in the sense, Reduce corrupt downloads) to transfer huge downloads which may get corrupted while downloading on HTTP downloaders like Internet Download Manager or DownThemAll for many reasons like Connection Timeout,Power Fails,Internet issues etc.
Even many legit downloads like Open Office are offered via Torrents to ensure proper downloads. Hence I am opening torrents to only Legit downloads. Keeping that in mind lets proceed with the unlocking. 😉
I will share various methods that I tried to unlock Torrent sites on blocked ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Most ISPs will use DNS blocking to prevent access to certain sites and trust me this is what 90% ISPs will do. How this works is,
when you applied for an Internet connection at the ISP, The have configured your computer to browse through their own Domain Name System (DNS) and made it the default way to access Internet Sites. When you access a blocked site on the ISP’s DNS, the request is nulled or redirected to a pre configured page like ‘This Webpage is Blocked’ etc.
The Solution to DNS Blocking.
Bypassing DNS Blocking is very easy and even a non-tech savvy user will be able to perform it. We will be using either of these 3 DNS OpenDNS/GoogleDNS/ComodoSecureDNS. Here is how its done,
These instructions are mainly crafted for Windows 7 but except the navigation to different parts, All the rest steps remain same.
Step 1. Open Network and Sharing Center (Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center).
Step 2. Click on Change Adapter Settings. Right click on your Main Adapter > Properties.
Step 3. Click on IPv4 or IPv6 according to your connection > Properties.
Step 4. Change the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS Server as follows for the respective DNSs.
For Google DNS:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
For Open DNS:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
For Comodo SecureDNS:
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
Step 5. Save the Changes.
That is it, Now just perform a (Optional) Reboot and DNS Flush. Run Command Prompt as Administrator and run the following commands.
ipconfig/flushdns followed by ipconfig/registerdns
This is highly unlikely method to block sites and mostly done maliciously hence no chance your ISP might be doing this. But still it may happen so that you are not be able to access some site not because ISP is blocking them but due to some Malware blocking them via Hosts Patching.
Solution to Hosts Blocking.
In Operating Systems, There is a Hosts file residing among the core OS files. Unlike the DNS, the hosts file is under the direct control of the local computer’s administrator hence this is not modified by ISP usually but can be modified by Malwares and other Viruses which may use this tool to stop you from updating Antiviruses (makes sense? 😉 ).
Hosts file resides in the following location in Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
To edit the file, You need to have Administrator Access. Right click the file and Open it via Notepad and look through the list. The default Hosts file on a Windows Operating System looks like this > Windows Default Hosts File.
So if you have anything else in the file, Erase it and save it (Not Save As). Perform a DNS Flush as I described before.
As I said before, DNS is the most common method to block sites by ISP so the solution was given and additional one listed as Hosts Blocking.
Apart from these there can be many methods employed like IP Range Blocking to a specific site or onsite script blocking.
IP Specific blocking happens when your ISP provides you with a Static IP and they are blocking the site to this static IP and IP Range blocking when the ISP gives you a dynamic IP within a IP Range and they block the entire range from accessing the site. These can be blocked by using Proxies or VPNs to access these sites.
Solution to IP Blocking using Proxies.
Proxies can be used to surf and download from blocked sites, There are again two popular types of Proxies.
  1. Web Proxy.
  2. System wide Proxy.
Web proxy can be useful for surfing and downloading from HTTP sites but might not be useful in downloading torrents as the Proxy doesn’t hide your uTorrent or other Torrent Client’s channel.
Hence using Browser or System wide proxy is useful. Download and use Hide My IP or Easy Hide IP or any other Proxy software to hide your IP and bypass filtering.
Solution to IP Blocking using VPNs.
If you have been a reader of HackTabs then you might have come across many VPNs that we have discussed earlier. VPNs can also provide system wide IP Hiding and additionally Encrypt your Packet Transmissions (Even some Proxies do that).
Here are some VPNs:
  1. HotSpot Shield
  2. PureVPN
  3. VPNReactor
This method might not be used by ISP to block your access but since we are talking about Filtering, I couldn’t resist discussing this. These types of filters may be used by sites specific to certain demographics or certain systems only. And they might be using Javascript or other client side scripts to block your access. In this case you can use the following solution.
Solution to Script Blocking.
That was it for this Article on Blocking,Filtering and Bypassing.. Hope this was beneficial for you, Share your experience and which method worked for you via the comments.

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Unblock Torrents Websites in India and Download Anything From Banned Websites | Access to ISP |
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