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How to Bypass OTP verification in ANDROID [Ultimate Trick]

Bypass Automatic OTP Verification – Trick To Bypass

Hello Buddies !! We are Sure you guys are enjoying Our Offers, Deals, And Tricks offers, As We are getting Huge Response. Well This Time we have got something interesting for you ” Bypass Automatic OTP Verification ” . Many Times some apps requires automatic verification of OTP and it does not let you to Enter The OTP Manually, But there is a way to solve this Problem in few easy steps so that You guys can Bypass Automatic OTP Verification Problem.
This Tutorial of Bypass Automatic OTP Verification Is for Educational Purpose Only, So We are Not Responsible for any Loss, You can Check loophole in Your App Via This Tutorial, So Good Luck !!

Requirements For Bypass Automatic OTP Verification :-

    1. Get the Fake SMS App :- DOWNLOAD

  1. Get Textra App :- DOWNLOAD
  2. Contact number and name should be same For any particular App, We will teach  you with Example.

Steps To Follow For  Bypass Automatic OTP Verification Tutorial :-

  1. First of all install both the Apps Given in Requirements.
  2. Now For Example You want to Bypass OTP For CrediH.
  3. Now First Make a account using the sim inserted in phone and now go to messages and check OTP message that you got.
  4. 1
  5. Now Save the Contact number of this OTP messages.
  6. 2
  7. Number and Name should be same for that App Like This .
  8. 12380353_1040274739365542_1813900475_n
  9. You Can Also Create a new contact Manually If you don’t want to go with above Steps Like Ths : Name :- DM-CrediH
    Phone Number :- IM-FRIZZA
  10. Now Its Action Time.
  11. Open Textra SMS App And Click On “Make Default”
  12. Now Open Fake SMS App  and Copy the Complete message that you got for OTP.
  13. 12421535_1040282656031417_903417506_n
  14. Now Request For OTP for the app for which you want to bypass the otp.
  15. Now Open Fake SMS App  and select the Contact you saved from Step 5.
  16. Now Paste the Same messagae You copied.
  17. Now Choose Time 1 Minute More Than the Present Time. Put The OTP Message Which you have Recieved in New Entered Mobile Number. Foe Eg :- f its 12:01 Pm  Right now then Choose 12:02Pm and click on “FAKE”.
  18. Thats It And open the App, It will automatically detect OTP even if sim is not in phone.
  19. Bypass Automatic OTP Verification
    Bypass Automatic OTP Verification
  20. Choose Time in a way that it Generates fake message when the app is already open Else it may not detect.
  21. Thanks For Visiting Our Blog 🙂

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How to Bypass OTP verification in ANDROID [Ultimate Trick]
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