FIX - Wifi Problems/issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 and s8+ (Solution)

Here is Solution, If you are having problems with Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S8  and S8+ then you are at the right place. There are many factors that can contribute to Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi problems. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t connect to Wi-Fi because. There are simple solutions that can repair Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi connection problems. This article will look at how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi issues.

FIX - Wifi Problems/issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 and s8+ (Solution)

HOW TO FIX Wifi Problems/issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 and s8+ :-

  • Install wifi Apps

If your wifi problem is not solved then download apps from playstore for connecting wifi routers.This can help you to Connect to Specific Network

  • Reboot everything

This tip is likely going to fix the majority of Wi-Fi issues that your S8 or S8+ has run into: a simple restart of all the devices involved. This means your Galaxy S8 and your Wi-Fi router. You can also only try switching Wi-Fi off/on first. If that does not work, then you should try rebooting all the devices.

A very simple tip, but probably the most effective of the lot.

  • Reset Network Settings

If your Galaxy S8 faces connectivity issues with more than just one Wi-Fi network, I will recommend you to reset the network settings on the handset once. This can be done by going into Settings -> Backup and reset and selecting the ‘Reset network settings’ option. Do note that this will lead to your Bluetooth and mobile networks settings being reset to their default settings as well.

  • Use Wpa wps tester app (If Rooted s8/s8+)

If your phone is rooted this app will definetly help you to connect to router by forcing system to connect to a network.

  • Reset your router

If you recently upgraded the firmware of your Wi-Fi router, it’s possible that it is to be blamed for the Wi-Fi issues that you are facing on your new Galaxy handset. While most routers don’t provide an option to roll back an update, you can always try resetting the router to see if that helps things or not. Now, it’s not necessary that resetting the router will work for you as well. However, if the Wi-Fi network is working just fine on your other devices and it is only your Galaxy S8 that is having some issues with it, there really is no harm in resetting your router once, especially if you changed some setting on the router recently or upgraded its firmware recently.

  • Update your mobile software

Samsung is aware of the Wi-Fi issue that users are facing. It was announced that a software update will debug and resolve the issue users are facing. This will be available in Korea. If you have issues try to update your device.
  1. From your home screen navigate to Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap About phone
  3. Search for the software update or System update at the top.
  4. Tap on it.
  5. Your device should be updated

  • Factory reset

If the above steps did not work for you, your last resort will be to do a factory reset on the handset. While painful, this will clear any doubts on whether the handset has a faulty Wi-Fi chip or not. If even after the reset, your Galaxy S8 refuses to connect or work properly with a selected few Wi-Fi networks, I will recommend you to take your phone to a Samsung service centre and ask for a replacement/repair.
However, if your phone is only having connectivity issues with one Wi-Fi network even after following all the steps above, I will recommend you to wait for Samsung to roll out a software update to fix the issue for good. If the problem persists even after the update, it is likely that your Galaxy S8’s Wi-Fi chip is faulty and you should get it replaced/repair.



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Fix - OnePlus 3/3T Not Downloading Apps from Play Store After Nougat Update

Here is the way to Fix OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 got updated to the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update recently. Though the update did bring the much-required improvements to the phone, it has left some users with a very annoying problem. After the Android 7.0 update, some of the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3 users are unable to download apps from Google Play Store.

Fix - OnePlus 33T Not Downloading Apps from Play Store After Nougat Update

Though you can browse the Google Play Store; the downloading process never starts even if you wait for hours. The problem seems to be with the software update that the OnePlus devices got recently.
There is no official fix for this problem but some workarounds. So I have browsed through the tech forums to see what has worked for other OnePlus users facing similar kind of problems and here are some of those solutions which have worked for the maximum number of OnePlus 3/3T users.

Fix 1: Uninstall True Caller / Anti- Virus/ PayTM Apps

Though this may not be an ideal solution to the problem as you should never have to uninstall any app to be able to use Google Play Store, at the moment, it seems to be working as a workaround for some people.
True Caller app seems to be one of the culprits behind OnePlus 3/3T not being able to download apps from Play Store.
So, the solution here is to uninstall True Caller app from your OnePlus 3/3T. Once uninstalled, reboot your phone and try to download any app from the Play Store. If True Caller was the culprit, you should be able to download the apps now.
Other apps that can be the culprit are PayTM, Anti-virus apps and some other apps. Once you uninstall, reboot it, and the phone should work fine with Google Play Store.

Fix 2: Turn on Data Saver

Now if you are facing the problem while downloading apps over a Mobile data connection then turning on the data saver seems to do the trick. However, note that it may not work if you are using WiFi to download the apps from Play Store.
To turn on Data Saver, do the following:
  • Go to Settings and tap on Data usage.
  • Tap three dots at the top right and select Data Saver. Turn ON the data saver by toggling the switch.
  • Tap on Unrestricted data access. Now disable unrestricted access for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.
Now open Google Play store and try downloading the apps. If everything went right, you should be able to download the apps without any problem. Make sure you turn off the Data saver after downloading the apps.

Fix 3: Uninstall Updates for Google Play Store / Services

Now if you are facing problem while downloading apps from both the cellular and WiFi network, try uninstalling updates for Google Play Store and Google Play Services.
To uninstall Play Store and Play Services Update, do the following:
Go to Settings from the App drawer or Quick Settings.
Next, tap Apps and find Google Play Store.
Tap on three dots at the top right and select Uninstall Updates.
Go back to Apps and tap on Google Play Services.
Tap three dots at the top right corner and select Uninstall Updates.
Now open Google Play Store app, if asked to update, skip it. Try downloading any app from the Play Store, and you should not face any problem.
One thing you may want to note is that none of these solutions are working for the OnePlus 3/3T users who are on roaming. This seems to be an issue with Google Android itself and not with your OnePlus 3T.
In this case, you may have to wait till the Google addresses this issue and releases an update to fix it.



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Mini Militia one shot death mod apk download - Updated June 2017

Hello there. I am here to provide mini militia mod one shot death unlimited ammo, nitro and boost. Most of the visitors asked for this trick without unlimited health.
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Working torrenting sites india 2017 - JUNE 2017 (Updated)

Best Working torrenting sites india 2017  : as you know Guys, in these Days many Torrent Sites getting banned because of their popularity, All those Torrent websites have continuously been framed for illegal purposes and pirated status.
Thus, they are banned in many countries and can’t be operated there, if you want to use these websites then you need to turn off the VPN option your phone settings, Torrent Sites is Really Fabulous because using it anyone can watch Videos, Download Apps, softwares, games using Torrent sites.
Working torrenting sites india 2017 - JUNE 2017 (Updated)

There are many Different types of Torrent sites are available & Most of the torrent websites you’ve surfed may be full of annoying ads and pop-ups, wrong re-directions, fake downloads, which means you’ve shown something else and the downloaded content is entirely different from the actual picture.
That sucks, but it’s a typical scenario but in it most of the Torrent websites are stuck. So Today Verifiedloot Team has sharing Top 10 Working Torrent sites.
Which helps you to Download Games, Apps, Softwares or Watch Videos using best Torrents. So Guys Follow simple steps and check Best Torrent sites.

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Best Torrent sites : Top 10 working sites

1) Kicksass Torrentz

About Kicksass Torrentz – 
It was founded in 2009 and later after its launch it beat the very best at that time, The Pirate bay, which is second best in our list. It has great Alexa rank. It is fast, efficient and very popular in youth. The website started by the domain name and later changed the name. You can find a countless number of content to download and enjoy.

2) The Pirate Bay

About The Pirate Bay – 
Its have massive traffic & easy to download files on torrent. This website has also changed it’s domains various times because of legal issues. But its have the annoying ads and popups in the website, which are reduced lately and thus making the website interface pretty smooth. It is one of the most amazing creations of the Torrent world and because of smooth categorization, and the team commitments towards making a cool product makes the Website itself a great product.

3) Torrentz 

Its very smooth interface because it doesn’t contain any annoying ads. Downloading experience is also very smooth in the site because it contains a unique feature of showing related links. you can also use those related links to find your stuff.


About – 
Its well-known Torrent site for downloading TV shows. Mostly American TV shows are easily available, All your favorite TV shows are just one click away. It has a default uploader, by which you can upload your content on the site. Uploader is like ETTV and ETRG & its contains less banner and pop-up Ads that’s why Its very fast.

5) Seedpeer.EU

About Seedpeer.EU- 
This site is one of the fastest growing torrent site, which was developed in December 2016. A Variety of stuff is available on the site and also contains links to other torrent sites. It contains very less Ads and pop-ups. The worst thing about the site which can disturb you while streaming and downloading is its slow speed. The user interface is fine, but the slow speed can be very annoying.


About RARBG – 
RARBG is the newest launched torrent site on the internet, but still, it has outraced many ranked torrent site over a short span of time. It has an excellent interface and properly categorized files just like 1337X. The best feature about the site is it only have the quality standard of uploaders which makes this site best from all.

7) IsoHunt

About IsoHunt – 
This site doesn’t have a big database like other sites because it believes in quality over quantity. The best thing about this site is you can even download books and adult movies which you will probably not get from other torrent sites. It is different and out of the box, but it is very efficient.


About YTS.AG – 
From Hollywood to Bollywood, old movies to the latest movies, you will get all movies with high downloading speed, and it contains very less ads because YTS team only focuses on user experience just like YouTube and Google. As the tagline of YTS ““, you will get all movies in less size which is too AWESOME.

9) Torrent Funk

About Torrent Funk – The old but gold torrent site which was registered back in 2010. It is similar to other best torrent sites with some cool features, and it has a “verified status” mark which shows whether the file is safe to download and also the commenting system by which visitors express their views about the file.

10) 1337X

About 1337X – 
This torrent site is different from all, Because of its popularity this site has many file uploaders, that’s why it is blocked in many countries but don’t worry still you can access this site by adding https:// manually or using free or paid VPNs, It has categorized all the files very brilliantly that you don’t even need to search anything just like below screenshot. This is a full fledged and proper dignified Torrent site.
So Guys finally we have added Working torrenting sites india 2017, You can download games, softwares, apps or Watch Videos using this Torrent sites without any disturbances or without any problems, if you are missing here & which are you using, kindly comment below, we will add it in our post. So Guys if you like this post don’t forget to Share With Your Friends. Thanks for visiting stay tune with us for more such tech Updates. Best Torrent sites




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