pubg mobile canada apk - English APK

Here is the official link to download pubg mobile canada apk for android. Here is the links to download pubg mobile english apk. We can almost sense the collective excitement of the mobile gaming community but, yes, you guessed it, there’s a caveat; it’s only officially available on the Canadian Play Store for now, although we have a workaround for it as well – more on that later. Great news battle royale gaming fans! You can now download the unbelievably popular PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround Mobile for Android (PUBG Mobile) in English directly from the Play Store.

pubg mobile canada apk - English APK

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Perhaps taking advantage of the fact Fortnite for Android is not yet available, the folks behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have gone ahead and launched PUBG Mobile in beta form for folks living in Canada, although it has been available in China for a few months now. As it is a beta, the listing notes the current version 'does not represent the final quality of the game, as we will keep optimizing existing content and adding new features.'

That has commonly worked great separated from the way that the diversion is composed and described in Chinese dialect. Presently, because of a refresh and new discharge, the Quantum and Lightspeed Studio form of the PUBG amusement is currently accessible in the Canadian Play Store for Android gadgets, and it's in English dialect. 

On the off chance that you weren't at that point mindful, Tencent discharged two adaptations of the amusement, one made by Quantum and Lightspeed Studio and one made by Timi Studio. The last spotlights ashore, ocean, and air fights and for the most part passes by the name "Armed force Attack," while the previous is for the most part considered a genuine like-for-like port of the first PlayerUnknown's Battleground diversion. Fortunately for those in Canada, it's presently conceivable to snatch that like-for-like rendition – named Exhilarating Battle – and play it in English in an official limit. Be that as it may, in the event that you aren't in Canada, at that point stress not as we do really have the APK record accessible for you to download from here. 

This is an incredible advance forward for Tencent Games who is unmistakably hoping to reveal the PUBG Mobile wonder to gamers over the world, however in a strict and staged discharge period. This discharge will keep those in Canada glad, implying that they can appreciate the diversion without translating from Chinese to English. Ideally, there'll be extra discharges going ahead for more global markets. 

As for the specs required to play, you'll need Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM. When downloaded, the full game uses over 700MB of space as well, something to consider. The Google Play listing notes that PUBG Mobile has support for over 500 different Android devices but given the attention on the game right now, and it being beta, you still might run into some issues. Additionally, if you're not in Canada, you can find the APK elsewhere, but alas, you load those APK's at your own risk. Will you be giving it a go? Let me know in the comments.

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Game Features

  • Officially licensed PUBG on Mobile - An authentic port of the PC version. 100 players are dropped on an enormous 8x8 km battlefield. Players fight to survive and eliminate each other through strategy and skill. The last one standing wins! Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!
  • Realistic Graphics and HD Audio - Unreal Engine 4 brings a phenomenal visual experience with detail rendering, an expansive HD map, and realistic scenes.High-quality audio with 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound makes players feel like they are on the real battlefield.
  • Realistic Shooting - With a large selection of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and trajectories, this is the perfect combat experience on mobile.
  • Travel in Style - Drive one of a variety of vehicles to escape from your foes or to stalk your prey.
  • Team-Up with Friends and Use Voice Chat - Invite friends to team-up, head into battle together and collaborate over voice chat.
  • Fair Gaming Environment - Armed with powerful anti-cheating mechanisms and optimized for many devices, ensuring a fun and fair environment for players.

(Download: PUBG Mobile for Android in English from the Canadian Play Store) 

Not in Canada? Don't sweat it! Download the APK record of the English form connected in the post above, at that point snatch OBB for it from here. When OBB is downloaded, remove it and afterward duplicate the resultant OBB organizer to SDCARD/Android/obb/keeping in mind the end goal to play and appreciate the amusement on your Android gadget!

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error Code: 154140712 - SOLVED

Here is the solution to Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error Code, Many users have been facing the internet connection error with the Network Error Code: 154140712. You may also find solution for pubg application errorpubg fatal errorpubg error crash, pubg error messageThe most anticipated PUBG Mobile game has been recently released for both Android and iOS smartphones. The game is still in beta version and the official soft launch version is PUBG Mobile v0.3.2 Apk for Android and for iOS. As we know that this is the PUBG Mobile Beta or soft launch version, so there may be some more lag and glitches to be found in earlier developed version.

Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error Code: 154140712 - SOLVED

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Steps to Fix PUBG mobile Network Error Code:

Step 1: Make sure you have no firewall apps installed or any type of VPN with restrictions On.
Step 2: Check your internet provider or your Internet connection settings on your device.
Step 3: If every thing is fine, then simply go to in game settings and Try changing the servers. Currently there are 3 servers available 1). North America 2). Europe 3). Asia.
Step 4: We recommend to go for the European server As it is still faster and less people are currently using it.
Step 5: If the error is on the start screen or when PUBG mobile is loading, then you should change your VPN settings or if it is not installed on your device. You should install one.
Step 6: If you have downloaded the early version of the PUBG Mobile English game from Canadian (iTunes) store. You must change your iTunes store to Canada as there are some new patches being added in the game. So you must remain in the same country to get these patches downloaded on your device.
Step 7: Same is the case with Chinese PUBG Mobile app. You should get the updated patches on Android devices too. That can be done by simply Changing the Country in VPN settingsor Downloading the game once again. Simplest Easiest and the best free VPN is this Opera Free VPN. You can change your country to USA or Canada in order for the game to work properly.

If you still couldn’t fix this Network Error Code: 154140712, You might uninstall the app and get a fresh one from the official Google Play Store or iTunes store. Both stores are currently having the US version of the game available for download. Don’t worry about your progress, as it is linked with your Facebook account.

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About PUBG :- PUBG Mobile: Battlefield is the genuine mobile game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Perfectly modified from PC version, promising the pure playing experience to you.With Unreal Engine 4, representing the next-gen audiovisual quality just like PC version.8km x 8km original map is on your tips. Fire at will in the battlefield.100 players, fair game. Feel the excellent shooting experience. Invite your friends to a party and make a voice call by one click.

Download Asphalt 9 Legends apk mod for Android

Here’s the link to download Asphalt 9 legends Android game with apk mods. Gameloft’s Asphalt 9 Legends APK MOD has set a new standard for mobile arcade racers.  Take on the world’s most daring drivers and eventually become the following Asphalt 9 Legend – by the creators of Asphalt 8: Airborne. Asphalt nine legends feature a broad roster of real hypercars from renowned manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Pick your fantasy race and ride around spectacular locations around the world. Leave your limits from the dust and then become a Legend of the Track!
Download Asphalt 9 Legends Apk MOD Android

Gameloft’s Asphalt 9 Legends APK MOD has set a new standard for mobile arcade racers. The game seems to be profoundly inspired by the Burnout series, which emphasizes aggressive driving,excessive drifting, defying the laws of gravity and of course, smashing your opponents in to oblivion.Despite the free price tag and the inclusion of in-app purchases, Gameloft has been able to give players a surprisingly complete package.Players can enjoy the the entire game without having to spend any real-world money. it might be a bit of a grind, but it is definitely possible. but if you want Unlimited Money in Asphalt9 then you will have to download Asphalt 9 Legends MOD APK regardless. Thanks to a Friend who wrote this Review for us.

Asphalt 9 Legends APK MOD Android

Not at all like Real Racing 3, which centers around reasonable reenactment and auto support, Asphalt’s arcade-style gameplay maintains a strategic distance from downtime as you tear through your surroundings at 200 mph. Obviously, crashes are a major piece of the amusement. Crashing into approaching activity and strong dividers or being taken out by your rivals is about as good anyone might expect here. These cases are normally just a minor burden as your auto will essentially respawn allowing you to get back in to the activity rapidly. Once in a while, in any case, the diversion doesn’t figure impacts accurately halting you dead in your tracks. Here, you’ll need to hold up a couple of moments until the point that the alternative to physically reset shows up.
For a mobile game, the graphics in Asphalt 9 Legends MOD APK are incredible and more vivid and gorgeous than Asphalt 8 Airborne. With locations inspired by real-world destinations such as Himalaya, there’s certainly a lot to take in as your surroundings whiz by. During the first season of the career mode, only few tracks are playable. These will start to feel a little stale, especially if you replay races in hopes of achieving a perfect rating. Fortunately, as soon as you hit the second season, different tracks are introduced. As you progress, you’ll discover various paths and shortcuts littered throughout each map, some of which can give you the upper hand.

Asphalt 9 Legends MOD APK Unlimited Money Android

All of the cars standard, luxury and sports car models are available from the get go, with the only requisite to unlock being saving up in-game currency. Its just like Asphalt 8 Airborne but here grinding part differs. so i would refer you to get Asphalt 9 Legends MOD APK for it. The models themselves are based on top manufacturer brands such as Audi, Tesla, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari and are crafted with incredible detail. A few of the starting cars perform quite badly.
In the career mode of Asphalt 9 Legends APK MOD, you’ll compete in various types of races to earn in-game cash. since its an online game you can not play it offline as well. The in-game cash will allow you to unlock the aforementioned cars, while the stars allow you to progress through each of the subsequent racing seasons. Whether it be classic, knockdown or elimination. There is plenty of content to keep you interested.

Free Download Asphalt 9 Android Game

The real-time multiplayer mode works very well. Requiring a wifi connection, you can pit your skills against other racers from around the world. Cash earned in this mode can be spent on your career-mode car upgrades and visa versa. There are a few negatives worth pointing out. A few of the control methods seem to feel a little floaty, particularly the on-screen virtual steering wheel, which doesn’t give the same level of responsiveness as some of the other input schemes. Occasionally, some of the visual effects when traveling at speed get in the way of the gameplay. While it looks impressive to see lens flares and dust reflections while boosting, it’s next to impossible to see what’s going on ahead of you.
As mentioned earlier, in-app purchases are not required to complete the game, but the difficulty curve, low late-game earning potential and price of higher-tier cars all point the user towards spending real-world cash. This is where people starts looking for Asphalt 9 MOD APK or Hack APK for Unlimited money. Nevertheless, Asphalt 9 Legends APK MOD is one of the highest quality mobile games I’ve seen in a long time. With console quality graphics, excellent multiplayer support and that with free price tag, I highly recommend picking this one up.

Features Of Asphalt 9 Android:-

  • Original Asphalt Arcade Racer Returns
  • Collection of Most Prestigious cars
  • Enjoy the Exciting Arcade racing
  • Live 8 Multiplayer Showdowns
  • Create Club and Compete with the World
  • Different Controls to master
  • Amazing Realistic Console Quality Graphics


Everything, right from graphics to gameplay and the gaming experience will be higher than ever before. Just Go ahead and download Asphalt 9 legends from the download buttons below and have a blast with this high adrenaline racing game for android.
When you need It. Use the new automobile editor to define the exact shade and materials for your car.
You can even pick the color of the Rims and Brake Calipers and insert carbon parts to totally optimize your preferences.Breath-taking LOCATIONSFeel the thrill of gravity-defying races around 70 tracks in the most astounding real-world locations. Race around giant tornados in the American wilderness, avoid landslides in the Himalayas and hit on the ramps to do awesome stunts.A BLAST OF ARCADE FUNCharge your nitro to unleash the ultimate Nitro Pulse and break the sound barrier.
Double-tap on the brake to do some 360° at any moment and take down your opponents in style.
Begin your journey Career mode by finishing 60 seasons and 800 races. Become an actual Asphalt legend by rushing against up to 8 players in real-time during unique leagues of this World collection Multiplayer mode.
Note: The game is TBA in 2018, stay connected with us on Facebook and G+ for latest updates related to the game. Once it’s launched you can get the Official Apk of the game from


  1. Download Asphalt 9 Legends Android Game from the button below in the download section
  2. Install this Apk
  3. Launch That’s All

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Mario kart 8 for android download {Exclusive deluxe apk}

Hello guys, download app mario kart 8 for android for free. Mario Kart 8 deluxe for Android is first racing kart game on Android devices. It has been very popular throughout the year on Wii U Nintendo. Also people are searching for "mario kart 8 for android"  "mario kart  for android" " mario kart 8 apk"  "mario kart 8 deluxe apk"  "download deluxe apk mario kart 8 "  "mario kart 8 deluxe download apk"  

 Mario kart 8 for android download {Exclusive deluxe apk}

Mario is best selling game on the WII U. This Mario only based on the racing which can be selected single player or multiplayer. In 2017 Mario released another new series of Kart named Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Now Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also on Android too. There is very racing track task is to block opponents and gain points. You can use the active online mod from the setting of the game with that mod you can play on antigravity race on the wall. The game based on the WII U Nintendo Mario Kart if we are talking about gameplay, Game should attempt to block opponents using various tools. If the opponent bumped into user Kart user, Kart would gain the point which helps to speed up and race over the ceiling.

New Features on Mario Kart 8 Android

1. Anti-gravity ride.
The user can race on Wall and Ceilings if the player has a gold point and they can customize their vehicle to Anti-gravity mod. This feature can upside down against the wall.
Boomerang Flower- It tool is used for hitting opponent and item will return to the same place.
Piranha Plant- It helps to boost speed
Super Horn-It helps to remove obstacles.
Crazy Eight- It contains extra 8 items players can select as their need.
3. New Vehicles
There are lots of New Vehicles like ATV and Jet Bike unlock winning race. The more you win more good Vehicle will unlock.
Unlike other Mario Kart Android series, this Mario Kart 8 has new race tracking. It contains various shortcut on a single race. Sunshine Airport and Toad Harbor are one of the most used racing track.
5.Mario Kart TV
6.Various additional character

How to download Mario Kart 8 for Android?

There is no Official Or any other link you will get on internet as internet is full of scams your search ends here because there is no apk of Mario kart 8 for android and you will get scammed by fake download links but you can try this link to download Mario Kart 8 for Android.

Playerzpot app for android download

Hello Guys Welcome, Here is Playerzpot app apk for android downloadCricket and Life are alike, every ball equals every minute, every shot equals an opportunity, and every wicket is an obstacle. Playerzpot app for android give you an opportunity to use your sports knowledge and skill and convert your love for the game into cool cash awards. It's that simple all,read below and download Playerzpot app for android download. 

Playerzpot app for android download

Nothing better than earning from your passion and your passion, turning into your paycheck. Yes, You can create wealth online with us. You have the liberty to choose your own players, your own team and choose your own lucky pot!! Unbelievable? But true…

Cricket and Life are alike, every ball equals every minute, every shot equals an opportunity, and every wicket is an obstacle. We give you an opportunity to use your sports knowledge and skill and convert your love for the game into cool cash awards. It's that simple…

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With our customer-centric approach, we ensure the highest possible gain for our customers in the most easy, reliable and secure way. With established Standard Operating Procedures and processes, Playerzpot’s Fantas sports aspires to be one of the best management game for cricket.

Playerzpot app Download APK(2.5 MB)Versions

Don bradman cricket 17 for android download [Full Game]

Download don Bradman Cricket 17 for android.  Your reseach for Don bradman cricket 17 apk ends here and  you are at the correct place here your pursuit ends. Here is connection to download Don bradman cricket 17 apk on your android phone which you can download for nothing and your research for "don bradman cricket 17 for android pc planet 4u "don bradman 17 apk" "don bradman cricket 17 ppsspp download" "download don bradman cricket 14 for android apk" .You will discover numerous download interfaces on web however the thing is there is no official variant of Don bradman cricket 17 apk on Playstore and numerous sites is giving trick joins for downloads but all the links are fake !!!

Don bradman cricket 17 for android download [Full Game]

Don Bradman Cricket 17 APK may be very super and famous Cricket sports which each cricket lover loves to play. This new version has been released after the massive success of Don Bradman series. It was released on 12 December 2017. However, this game allows you to have full fun of the real world cricket. Many variations are there in the bowling in this new version. The fielding in the game is also there. The new shoots which are in the game are Helicopter shot, Scoop Shots and Reverse Sweep.

Features of Don Bradman Cricket 17  :-

Don Bradman Cricket 17 mobile is very popular and the players love playing it. The game is an excellent and exciting game and you will enjoy playing it. Some of the main and essential features of this game are as follows:
you should have a look at the features and then decide to download this game.
  • Best Simulation Game.
  • Great Sport for fun.
  • Excellent batting, fielding and bowling style.
  • Many bowling methods are there.
  • The female crickets are in all modes.
  • Career mode where you can play as Pro or rookie.
  • Excellent Graphics.
So, the amazing features of the game are obvious. Read all the features of this game and then you can think of downloading this game. I am sure you will love playing this game and hence, you can take the thrill of real world cricket. People are playing it across the world and their reviews about the game are also very positive. This newer version has come with many improvements and excitement. This game will take you to the next level of the excitement. Hence, you can also provide us your feedback. We highly welcome your feedback and your comments will definitely appreciate us.

How to install Don bradman cricket 17 for android :



How to play Don bradman cricket 17 on android ?

  • First of all Download & Install Don Bradman 17 on PC or Laptop.
  • Then Download TeamViewer on Android & PC. For Android and For Windows PC or Laptop & For Other OS
  • After it Open TeamViewer on Both PC & Android Phone.
  • After open You can see on the PC's TeamViewer "Your ID & 4 Digit Password"
  • Enter the PC's TeamViewer ID on Android's TeamViewer, Then enter same Password as you see in PC's TeamViewer.
  • After finish all steps correctly you can remotely access your PC on Android. So find the Don Bradman 17 game from your Android and Start Playing on your Android Phone.
  • This is Perfect Trick to Play Don Bradman 17 Game on Android Phone So must Share this Posts with your Friends and All.

Game Requirements for Don bradman cricket 17 for android :

  • 1 gb RAM
  • 512 STORAGE
  • Android kitkat and above.

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We strongly recommend that you get in installed in your Windows PC and and play game with teamviewer or PPSSPP.
"And we are still waiting for the upcoming date in Google Play Android. "
"So Don't get fool by fake website claming download links ,But you can try this website to download the games as the domain name refers to the game name ." 

Don bradman cricket 17 for android download

About Don bradman cricket 17 for android :

Don Bradman Cricket 17 APK is very excellent and famous Cricket sports which every cricket lover loves to play. This is the best simulation game and those who want to enjoy the real world cricket can play this game. The theme is quite natural and famous stadiums are in the game. Don Bradman is the best game with high-quality graphics and huge size. So, now you can easily take the joy of real cricket game.

Websites similar to KissAnime [Best Alternatives] - 2018

Whats up guys, here are the list of Websites similar to KissAnime the quality alternatives for kissAnime is right here check out the list. Here are the list of web sites just like kissanime, Please visit below links and revel in it !

Websites similar to kissanime

Anime sites like KissAnime should always be there as alternatives because you never know what may happen. When KissAnime suddenly broke down then many anime fans went totally clueless that what happened. Although the site got recovered though another platform but still fans wanted KissAnime alternatives.

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Here are the List of Websites similar to KissAnime :- 

After knowing about the search queries i have listed the websites for you all !

Search Queries :-
kissanime alternative 2017,
kissanime alternative 2018,
Websites similar to KissAnime,
Kissanime websites free,
anime sites to watch anime for free

Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

Download Trap adventure 2 apk for android  .Your reseach for Trap adventure 2 apk ends here and  you are at the correct place here your pursuit ends. Here is connection to download Trap adventure 2 apk which you can download for nothing and your research for "trap adventure 2" "trap adventure 2 apk" "trap adventure 2 apk for android" "trap adventure 2 for android" .You will discover numerous download interfaces on web however the thing is there is no official variant of Trap adventure 2 apk download on Playstore and numerous sites is giving trick joins for downloads.

Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

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If you're looking for a challenging video game that will put you to the ultimate test, Trap Adventure is a great way to find out just skilled and patient you really are. Go ahead and give the most frustrating and difficult game in history a try ... if you dare.
The adventure is simple. Basically, you need to get from point A to point B in order to move on to the next level. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that, wherever you look, there's a hidden trap, a deadly obstacle, a wall that'll fall on you, killer spikes, an abyss to swallow you up ... and well, you get the idea. You never know where you're going to run into the next problem that'll end your character's sorry life.

Trap Adventure offers two game modes: normal, and one life. In the first one, you can try your luck up to ten times, while in the second, you have one, and only one chance to make it to the end of the game. This last option is only fit for the bravest of players who feel up to the challenge of overcoming all the obstacles on the first try. This challenging game is guaranteed to put your patience to the test. The thing is, even if you think you've passed a level, something is always lurking around the corner to kill you. Seriously, these things come out of nowhere. It doesn't matter if you take more or less time, if you jump closer or farther away, if you dodge the spikes and walls ... something is coming for you and you'll have to start over from square one if it succeeds. Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the end.

Trap Adventure 2 apk for Android?

If you are a gaming enthusiast and would like to know something more about a few happening and popular games then you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. Though there are thousands of games that are popular and are playable on Android mobile phones and other such devices, there obviously is something special about trap adventure 2 which over the past few months has become extremely popular.

It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at this game and what it offers and what it does not. There is no denying the fact that it is a popular game with some exciting and unpredictable moments built into it.

However, at the same time there are many who believe that there are some intentional difficulties which have been built into it.

It would therefore be interesting to know something more about it from the players and end-users point of view.

The Impossible Excites
For many anything that is extremely difficult and bordering on the impossible might make them run away from the battle field. But there are many who seem to get excited when the scene becomes too difficult and perhaps even impossible. It certainly is not for those who get exasperated or frustrated easily. It is only for those who are fighters and are willing to be ready for the long haul.

How To Know It Better
If you are still fascinated, confused and perhaps even intrigued, then we would suggest that you try and play the game and experience it for yourself. This is not a difficult job because the game is easily downloadable and there is a free version available.

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We strongly recommend that you get in installed in your Apple App Store and get started without any further delay.
"And we are still waiting for the upcoming date in Google Play Android. "
"So Don't get fool by fake website claming download links ,But you can try this website to download the games as the domain name refers to the game name ." 

Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

About The Game "Trap adventure 2 for apk for android " :-
The game was originally released in 2016 and it is an exciting eight bit performer.
It perhaps has a few things common with the Super Mario Bros.
But some players are of the opinion that the game is quite devilish and it has been made to with the objective of enraging players. Those who have closely followed the game and have played it are firmly of the opinion that the game has been designed in such a way that the next move of the player can easily be predicted. This according to these groups of players puts a brake as far as moving to the next level is concerned.
Many of them also are of the opinion that it also becomes impossible.


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