Don bradman cricket 17 for android download [Full Game]

Download don Bradman Cricket 17 for android.  Your reseach for Don bradman cricket 17 apk ends here and  you are at the correct place here your pursuit ends. Here is connection to download Don bradman cricket 17 apk on your android phone which you can download for nothing and your research for "don bradman cricket 17 for android pc planet 4u "don bradman 17 apk" "don bradman cricket 17 ppsspp download" "download don bradman cricket 14 for android apk" .You will discover numerous download interfaces on web however the thing is there is no official variant of Don bradman cricket 17 apk on Playstore and numerous sites is giving trick joins for downloads but all the links are fake !!!

Don bradman cricket 17 for android download [Full Game]

Don Bradman Cricket 17 APK may be very super and famous Cricket sports which each cricket lover loves to play. This new version has been released after the massive success of Don Bradman series. It was released on 12 December 2017. However, this game allows you to have full fun of the real world cricket. Many variations are there in the bowling in this new version. The fielding in the game is also there. The new shoots which are in the game are Helicopter shot, Scoop Shots and Reverse Sweep.

Features of Don Bradman Cricket 17  :-

Don Bradman Cricket 17 mobile is very popular and the players love playing it. The game is an excellent and exciting game and you will enjoy playing it. Some of the main and essential features of this game are as follows:
you should have a look at the features and then decide to download this game.
  • Best Simulation Game.
  • Great Sport for fun.
  • Excellent batting, fielding and bowling style.
  • Many bowling methods are there.
  • The female crickets are in all modes.
  • Career mode where you can play as Pro or rookie.
  • Excellent Graphics.
So, the amazing features of the game are obvious. Read all the features of this game and then you can think of downloading this game. I am sure you will love playing this game and hence, you can take the thrill of real world cricket. People are playing it across the world and their reviews about the game are also very positive. This newer version has come with many improvements and excitement. This game will take you to the next level of the excitement. Hence, you can also provide us your feedback. We highly welcome your feedback and your comments will definitely appreciate us.

How to install Don bradman cricket 17 for android :



How to play Don bradman cricket 17 on android ?

  • First of all Download & Install Don Bradman 17 on PC or Laptop.
  • Then Download TeamViewer on Android & PC. For Android and For Windows PC or Laptop & For Other OS
  • After it Open TeamViewer on Both PC & Android Phone.
  • After open You can see on the PC's TeamViewer "Your ID & 4 Digit Password"
  • Enter the PC's TeamViewer ID on Android's TeamViewer, Then enter same Password as you see in PC's TeamViewer.
  • After finish all steps correctly you can remotely access your PC on Android. So find the Don Bradman 17 game from your Android and Start Playing on your Android Phone.
  • This is Perfect Trick to Play Don Bradman 17 Game on Android Phone So must Share this Posts with your Friends and All.

Game Requirements for Don bradman cricket 17 for android :

  • 1 gb RAM
  • 512 STORAGE
  • Android kitkat and above.

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We strongly recommend that you get in installed in your Windows PC and and play game with teamviewer or PPSSPP.
"And we are still waiting for the upcoming date in Google Play Android. "
"So Don't get fool by fake website claming download links ,But you can try this website to download the games as the domain name refers to the game name ." 

Don bradman cricket 17 for android download

About Don bradman cricket 17 for android :

Don Bradman Cricket 17 APK is very excellent and famous Cricket sports which every cricket lover loves to play. This is the best simulation game and those who want to enjoy the real world cricket can play this game. The theme is quite natural and famous stadiums are in the game. Don Bradman is the best game with high-quality graphics and huge size. So, now you can easily take the joy of real cricket game.

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Whats up guys, here are the list of Websites similar to KissAnime the quality alternatives for kissAnime is right here check out the list. Here are the list of web sites just like kissanime, Please visit below links and revel in it !

Websites similar to kissanime

Anime sites like KissAnime should always be there as alternatives because you never know what may happen. When KissAnime suddenly broke down then many anime fans went totally clueless that what happened. Although the site got recovered though another platform but still fans wanted KissAnime alternatives.

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Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

Download Trap adventure 2 apk for android  .Your reseach for Trap adventure 2 apk ends here and  you are at the correct place here your pursuit ends. Here is connection to download Trap adventure 2 apk which you can download for nothing and your research for "trap adventure 2" "trap adventure 2 apk" "trap adventure 2 apk for android" "trap adventure 2 for android" .You will discover numerous download interfaces on web however the thing is there is no official variant of Trap adventure 2 apk download on Playstore and numerous sites is giving trick joins for downloads.

Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

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If you're looking for a challenging video game that will put you to the ultimate test, Trap Adventure is a great way to find out just skilled and patient you really are. Go ahead and give the most frustrating and difficult game in history a try ... if you dare.
The adventure is simple. Basically, you need to get from point A to point B in order to move on to the next level. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that, wherever you look, there's a hidden trap, a deadly obstacle, a wall that'll fall on you, killer spikes, an abyss to swallow you up ... and well, you get the idea. You never know where you're going to run into the next problem that'll end your character's sorry life.

Trap Adventure offers two game modes: normal, and one life. In the first one, you can try your luck up to ten times, while in the second, you have one, and only one chance to make it to the end of the game. This last option is only fit for the bravest of players who feel up to the challenge of overcoming all the obstacles on the first try. This challenging game is guaranteed to put your patience to the test. The thing is, even if you think you've passed a level, something is always lurking around the corner to kill you. Seriously, these things come out of nowhere. It doesn't matter if you take more or less time, if you jump closer or farther away, if you dodge the spikes and walls ... something is coming for you and you'll have to start over from square one if it succeeds. Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the end.

Trap Adventure 2 apk for Android?

If you are a gaming enthusiast and would like to know something more about a few happening and popular games then you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. Though there are thousands of games that are popular and are playable on Android mobile phones and other such devices, there obviously is something special about trap adventure 2 which over the past few months has become extremely popular.

It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at this game and what it offers and what it does not. There is no denying the fact that it is a popular game with some exciting and unpredictable moments built into it.

However, at the same time there are many who believe that there are some intentional difficulties which have been built into it.

It would therefore be interesting to know something more about it from the players and end-users point of view.

The Impossible Excites
For many anything that is extremely difficult and bordering on the impossible might make them run away from the battle field. But there are many who seem to get excited when the scene becomes too difficult and perhaps even impossible. It certainly is not for those who get exasperated or frustrated easily. It is only for those who are fighters and are willing to be ready for the long haul.

How To Know It Better
If you are still fascinated, confused and perhaps even intrigued, then we would suggest that you try and play the game and experience it for yourself. This is not a difficult job because the game is easily downloadable and there is a free version available.

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We strongly recommend that you get in installed in your Apple App Store and get started without any further delay.
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Trap adventure 2 for apk for android download

About The Game "Trap adventure 2 for apk for android " :-
The game was originally released in 2016 and it is an exciting eight bit performer.
It perhaps has a few things common with the Super Mario Bros.
But some players are of the opinion that the game is quite devilish and it has been made to with the objective of enraging players. Those who have closely followed the game and have played it are firmly of the opinion that the game has been designed in such a way that the next move of the player can easily be predicted. This according to these groups of players puts a brake as far as moving to the next level is concerned.
Many of them also are of the opinion that it also becomes impossible.

wine 3.0 apk for android download

Here is a link to download wine 3.0 apk for android,finding wine 3.0 apk for android ? So here is download link of wine 3.0 apk for android. Wine 3.0 implements a full graphics and audio driver for Android, and can be built as an APK package that acts like a regular Android app, according to the release notes.Wine 3.0 apk can now be installed on your android phones. Below we are providing direct link of wine 3.0 download for android check it out there. Wine 3.0 is the first version users can install as an app on Android, download wine 3.0 for android now. A popular software that enables users to run Windows apps on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems,

wine 3.0 apk for android download {RELEASED}

Wine 3.0 For Android Download: Wine 3.0 was just released. Wine,  has released a wine 3.0 latest version for android that will let users do the same on Android smartphones. The Wine team is proud to announce that the stable release Wine 3.0 is now available.

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This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000
individual changes. It contains a large number of improvements that
are listed in the release notes below. The main highlights are:

  - Direct3D 10 and 11 support.
  - The Direct3D command stream.
  - The Android graphics driver.
  - Improved DirectWrite and Direct2D support.
It won’t run your standard Windows applications on just any Android device, though. Wine isn’t an emulator, which means you’ll need an x86 Android tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook to take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many Android devices with x86 chipsets out there, though the growing list of Chromebooks with ARC support is promising.
For the vast majority of us with an Android device with an ARM-based SoC, there is a silver lining. Wine for ARM devices does exist, but only Windows programs that have been ported to Windows RT, Microsoft’s 32-bit operating system for ARM architectures, will function. There’s a list of desktop apps that have been recompiled to run on Windows RT on our very own XDA forums, including popular utilities such as Notepad++ and 7-Zip, scripting languages and runtimes such as Python 2.7.3 and Lua, and even games like Quake.
In the future, Wine will use QEMU, an open-source hypervisor that virtualizes processors through dynamic binary translation, to emulate x86 instructions on ARM. That’ll allow native x86 Windows apps to run on ARM devices without recompilation, but the work isn’t finished yet.
Getting Wine up and running on Android is pretty easy. Head over to the downloads page and grab one of two APKs: “wine-3.0-arm” if your device has an ARM chip, or “wine-3.0-x86” if it has an x86 chip. Once you install and launch the app, you’ll see the Windows 7 interface—complete with the Start menu in the bottom-left corner.
Wine 3.0 isn’t bug-free, however. The graphics driver only supports full-screen desktop mode because of restrictions in the Android windows management API. It also has trouble with software keyboards right now—they aren’t recognized and aren’t invoked when you tap on empty text fields and the command prompt. Some users have also reported crashes on phones like the Google Pixel.
Regardless of these early issues, what the Wine team has achieved is certainly impressive. Codeweavers, which released a technical preview of CrossOver (its proprietary version of Wine) for Android and Chrome OS in 2016, contributed much of the underlying code that made the Android port possible.
The development team says that Wine 3.0 contains over 6,000 changes and marks the beginning of a new annual release cycle. In addition to Android support, it adds Direct3D command stream, improved DirectWrite and Direct2D support, and Direct3D 10 and 11.

What's new in Wine 3.0 apk for android :-

- A significant number of Direct3D 10 and 11 features are implemented in
  this release, including:
  - Compute shaders.
  - Hull and domain (tessellation) shaders.
  - Stream output.
  - Format capability queries.
  - A large number of shader model 4 and 5 shader instructions.
  - Shader model 4 and 5 interpolation modifiers.
  - Shader model 4 and 5 clip and cull distances.
  - Indirect draws and indirect compute dispatch.
  - Structured buffers.
  - Byte addressable buffers.
  - Append and consume buffers.
  - Unordered access view counters.
  - Cube-map arrays.
  - Layered rendering to 3-dimensional textures and texture arrays.
  - Mip-map generation.
  - Conservative depth output.
  - Type-less (sub)resource copies.
  - Depth bias.

- The multi-threaded command stream feature serializes Direct3D rendering
  commands from different threads into a single rendering thread. Its main
  purpose in this release is rendering correctness, but the feature also
  provides opportunities for future performance improvements. This feature
  is disabled by default.

- Support for OpenGL core contexts in Direct3D is improved, to the point
  that core contexts are used by default for Direct3D 10 and 11
  applications on AMD and Intel graphics cards. As a result, users of those
  graphics cards in combination with Mesa OpenGL drivers should no longer
  need to set the "MaxVersionGL" registry key to enable Direct3D 10 and 11

- The Direct3D graphics card database recognizes more graphics cards.

- New HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry key:
  - "csmt" (REG_DWORD)
    Enable (0x1) or disable (0x0, default) the multi-threaded command
    stream feature described above.

- Deprecated HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry keys:
  - "StrictDrawOrdering"
    This has been superseded by the multi-threaded command stream feature.
  - "OffscreenRenderingMode"
    The "fbo" setting is the only remaining supported value. The
    "backbuffer" setting, while still available, is no longer supported.

- Removed HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct3D registry keys:
  - "AlwaysOffscreen"
    This is always enabled in this release.
  - "MultiSampling"
    Use the "SampleCount" (REG_DWORD) setting to force a specific
    multi-sample anti-aliasing sample count for swapchain render targets

*** Graphics

- Drawing outlines of Direct2D geometry objects is implemented.

- Direct2D linear and radial gradient brushes are implemented.

- Direct2D compatibility with GDI is implemented.

- Bounds computation of Direct2D geometry objects is implemented.

- Simplification of Direct2D geometry objects is implemented.

- The OpenGL extension list is updated to OpenGL version 4.6.

- The system GLU library is only needed when the Nurbs renderer is used,
  all other GLU functions are implemented internally.

- Metafile playback in GdiPlus supports most of the GdiPlus-specific
  metafile record types, in addition to the standard metafile records.

- GdiPlus graphics operations take the GDI transform into account.

- Encoding image formats with a palette is supported in WindowsCodecs.

*** Android

- Wine can be built as an APK package and behaves like a proper Android

- A full graphics driver is implemented. Because of restrictions of the
  Android window management API, only full screen desktop mode is

- A full audio driver is implemented.

- OpenGL is supported, but it's limited to the OpenGL ES API that is
  available on Android.

- Direct3D is not supported yet, because it cannot run on top of OpenGL ES
  at this point. This will be addressed during the next development cycle.

*** Kernel

- The default Windows version is set to Windows 7.

- The full semantics of named pipes are implemented, including message-mode

- Position Independent Executables are supported, both for the Wine binary
  itself and also when starting external binaries.

- Serial and parallel port devices are created automatically, with the
  corresponding symlinks in the dosdevices directory. The detected ports
  can be overridden through the HKLM\Software\Wine\Ports key.

- Safe DLL search mode is implemented. It is enabled by default, and can be
  disabled by setting the "SafeDllSearchMode" value to 0 under
  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager.

- Safe process search mode is implemented. It is disabled by default but
  can be requested by the application, and it can be forced by setting the
  "SafeProcessSearchMode" value to 1 under
  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager.

- Asynchronous I/O performance is improved by reducing the number of server

- Memory write watches work correctly when used concurrently with file I/O
  on the same buffers.

- Virtual memory allocations can be arbitrarily large on 64-bit platforms.

*** User interface

- The built-in mouse cursors are redesigned, and available in higher
  resolution for high DPI screens.

- The Shell Explorer, the common dialogs, and the RichEdit control properly
  scale on high DPI screens.

- The screen DPI value can be overridden by setting the "LogPixels" value
  under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

- In desktop mode, higher display resolutions with various aspect ratios
  are supported.

- The Task Dialog common control is implemented.

- The Internal User Interface is supported in MSI.

- Double-buffered theme painting is implemented.

- The TWAIN library supports a user dialog for selecting the scanner

- Device-independent bitmaps and metafiles can be stored into the OLE Data

*** Desktop integration

- The StartupWMClass field is set in generated desktop files so that they
  can be matched to their respective Windows binary.

- Clipboard changes from other X11 applications are detected through the
  Xfixes library instead of polling.

- The RichEdit control supports pasting metafiles.

- The Program Manager DDE protocol for manipulating program entries and
  groups is implemented.

- The HID service for detecting Plug & Play devices is active by default.

- Version 4 of the system tray notification protocol is supported on macOS.

*** Text and fonts

- Contextual glyph substitution is supported in UniScribe.

- Character tables are based on version 10.0.0 of the Unicode Standard.

- The Nepali and Bangla (India) locales are supported.

- Font support is compatible with the new behaviors introduced in FreeType
  version 2.8.1.

*** DirectWrite

- Trailing line trimming signs in both character and word modes is

- Cluster wrapping mode is supported.

- Uniform and proportional line spacing methods are implemented.

- Oblique and bold simulation is also supported in bitmap rendering mode.

- Per-factory cache is thread safe.

- Overhang metrics evaluation for layouts are implemented.

- In-memory font file loader is implemented and is available to

*** D3DX

- Support for D3DX 9 preshaders is improved.

- Support for D3DX 9 application defined effect state managers
  (ID3DXEffectStateManager) is implemented.

- Using effect pools to share effect parameters between D3DX 9 effects is

*** Internet and networking

- UDP/TCP listeners are implemented in Web Services.

- Web Services supports the .NET Binary Format, including the string table

- Web Services supports the .NET Message Framing Protocol.

- Asynchronous support is enabled for receiving messages in Web Services.

- HTML event handling is rewritten to support standard-compliant mode.

- Multiple new standard-compliant HTML APIs are supported. HTML document
  mode support is improved to preserve compatibility with documents
  expecting legacy behavior.

- The WebBrowser control supports MHTML files.

- Embedding HTML documents in .NET applications is better supported.

- WinHTTP correctly parses cookie attributes.

*** Cryptography

- Cryptographic hashes are implemented internally instead of relying on

- AES encryption is supported.

- The Microsoft Root Certificate 2011 is added to the list of known
  Microsoft certificates.

- The Mono and Gecko add-on packages are verified with SHA256 checksums.

*** ARM platforms

- On ARM, the floating point ABI defaults to 'softfp' for compatibility
  with Windows binaries.  It can be changed by passing the --with-float-abi
  flag to configure.

- The Wine preloader is also used on ARM64 platforms.

- Relay debugging is supported on ARM64 platforms.

*** Built-in applications

- Registry importing and exporting in RegEdit is reimplemented for better
  compatibility. Windows 3.1 registry files can also be imported. Registry
  files are exported to Unicode format by default.

- RegEdit always shows the 64-bit view of the registry on 64-bit prefixes.

- The Reg.exe registry manipulation tool supports importing and exporting
  registry files.

- The command interpreter implements the MKLINK command.

- The command interpreter supports escape characters in the prompt string.

- WineMine shows a confirmation dialog before resetting the best scores.

*** Tools

- The IDL compiler (widl) handles C++ aggregate returns in an
  MSVC-compatible way.

- The resource compiler (wrc) supports translating version resources
  through the po files.

- The Wine debugger (winedbg) supports printing floating point and SSE
  register state.

- All Perl scripts that parse XML use the standard XML::LibXML module.

- The obsolete wineinstall tool is removed.

*** Miscellaneous

- XAudio supports float audio formats with more than 2 channels.

- The Scheduler and related classes are supported in the C++ runtime.

- SQL driver installation is supported in ODBC.

- The ProgramData well known directory is supported.

- The Mono engine is updated with upstream Mono fixes, and supports the
  Mono profiler API version 2.

- The thread id is always displayed in debug traces.

*** New external dependencies

- The krb5 library is used to implement the Kerberos Authentication

- The XFixes library is used to receive clipboard change notifications.

Source files for wine 3.0 apk for android :-
The source for wine 3.0 apk for android is available from the following locations:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.

About wine 3.0 for android  :-

Wine 3.0 for android has actually been around since 1993, making it possible to run Windows software on Apple hardware and Linux-powered computers. With its latest update, that same feature is expanding to Android, though there are some limitations to what it can do.

Android Police notes that Wine 3.0 is a little unstable. It seems to run best on newer devices, but it may crash older phones or tablets. It also runs everything in full screen, so don’t think you’ll be running two programs side-by-side like you would on an actual PC.

Additionally, Wine 3.0 runs better on x86 Android devices (meaning the processor is based on Intel technology). That means if you have an ARM-based device you’ll be limited to using programs that work with Windows RT. Even with those limitations, Wine 3.0 still opens up some interesting possibilities.

If you’re into gaming, you can use Wine 3.0 to get classic first-person-shooter Quake and its sequel, Quake II, running on any Android device. If you’re running an x86 chip, you could also try launching the full version of Steam (instead of the limited mobile app) for even more video games.

Not a gamer? Try Greenshot, an advanced screenshotting program for Windows that let’s you instantly annotate your images, print them, or share them in an email. Or get the popular (and free) digital audio editor Audacity running on Android. You can even turn your phone into an early Macintosh computer with the Min vMac emulator.

That’s just a quick sampling of what’s available. You can check out the full list from XDA-Developers for even more Windows apps to run on Android with Wine 3.0.

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Download wine 3.0 apk for android from below link :- 

1. Download wine for Android 3.0  (x86)

Youtube black mod apk download for Android [black edition]

Youtube black mod download for android or Youtube black mod black edition apk Get the official YouTube App for Android phones and tablets. Youtube black modded apk See what the world is watching — from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device.
With a new design, you can youtube cracked apk or Youtube black edition apk have fun exploring videos you love more easily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between recommended videos, your subscriptions, or your account. You can also subscribe youtube latest mod apk to your favorite channels, youtube black hack create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, cast a video to your TV, and more – all from inside the app.

Youtube black mod apk download for Android [black edition]

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Features of Youtube black mod apk download for Android : 

No root needed to install
No need to uninstall official YouTube, can install as a secondary YouTube.
Whole new ad blacking method
Simplified mod to enable background playback
Enable/Disable background playback via Settings
Force VP9 Codec option for better video quality and lesser bandwidth usage (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Override Max Resolution Limit (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Preferred Video Quality switch (WiFi/Data) (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Enable/Disable Info Cards on videos (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Enable/Disable Suggestions Cards on videos (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Enable/Disable channel branding watermark on videos (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
Pinch to zoom enabled on all devices
With the help of modded microG, Login & Casting works with all features (no ads on external devices not guaranteed)

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How to install Youtube black mod apk download for Android  ? 

1. Download the latest YouTube Black version
2. Install it as you would normally install any other apk.
3. Enjoy

How to fix Login & Chromecast issue ? 1. Download the modded microG
2. Install it as you would normally install any other apk.
3. Enjoy

Known Bugs: 
Offline mode doesn’t work properly, app keep refreshing, to watch saved videos you have to search for it.


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Telegram X for android download

Download telegram X released for android . You will find the official telegram X for android. Telegram X is a fast alternative official Telegram client with experimental features.Interesting story that goes off there with the clients of Telegram. In principle, there are the official apps in the store. Windows, macOS, Android, iOSCan you install and good. Furthermore, there were and are always side-by-side clients that rely on the TDLib library to make sure that the encryption and everything worked as they did in the official client. Some time ago , Telegram X made the rounds .

Telegram X for android download

Telegram is an increasingly popular messaging app thanks to its focus on security and the free price tag. An alternative client called Challegram popped up a while back, and now the developers of Telegram have acquired it and changed the name to Telegram X. It includes all the basic messaging features from the regular Telegram app, but there are a few experimental features, too.

Telegram X is built to be noticeably faster and smoother than the main Telegram app—the animations are really impressive. You can also long-press on conversations to get a pop-up preview. Night mode? That's included in the app as well. The text size is also fully configurable. A client implemented in Swift for iOS, which did not sail under the official flag of Telegram, but only in the beta area indicated that there was something together with the official Telegram-makers. The same now under Android. There is now Telegram X, which is not yet marked as an official client for Telegram - except, one wants to acknowledge the support email address as official, which would be nonsense, because I can write in the description, what I want. Telegram X for Android is not a new app, but runs under the address of the popular alternative client Challegram.
A name swap of the developer to become better known? Unlikely, if you have the environment of Telegram in mind. Behind Challegram stands Vyacheslav Krylov. He won something as part of the telegram Android challenge called by Telegram founder Pavel Durov. Namely - due to this app - a whole sweep of dollars and a job offer.
Both Telegram X for iOS and Android do not have all the features completely under the hood, so it is rumored that - if they are really official - they are not yet officially advertised for this reason. At the moment it is also unclear whether the development of two apps will run parallel in the long term, which seems unlikely. I think that in the near future announcements from Telegram will be heard. But the fact is that as a less experimental user you can easily stay with the previously officially marked client.
Telegram X
Developer: Telegram LLC
Price: Free 
  • Telegram X screenshot
  • Telegram X screenshot
  • Telegram X screenshot
  • Telegram X screenshot
  • Telegram X screenshot


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